The Faculty of Social Sciences offers a range of degree programmes in the disciplines of Sociology, Political Science, History, Social Work, Islamic Studies, Anthropology, Archeology, Library and Information Science, Media Education and Gender Studies.  Over the years the faculty has expanded both in terms of disciplines, number of Research Centers and degree programmes.

The 21st century has brought profound and previously unthinkable social change. We live longer and face new social, economic and health challenges brought on by an aging population, conflicts, alarming levels of environmental degradation threatening health care. Political, ethical and environmental challenges are marked by ever-increasing uncertainty and, paradoxically, the easy availability of more and more data about people and their lives.

As current pandemic has demonstrated these challenges know no boundaries, they are globalized-they stop at no border and they aren’t restricted to one discipline.

In pursuit of finding appropriate responses to such challenges and acquire a better understanding of socio-economic issues, we promote cross-disciplinary research.  Our strong Integrated Ph.D programme offers students opportunity to explore contemporary debates in epistemology.

Presently the school has 19 ongoing research projects across departments. These projects are sponsored by various national and international agencies including Gerda Henket Stiftung (Germany), University of Sydney (Australia), ICSR, ICHR, UGC, ICMR, etc.

At present more than 170 research scholars are receiving scholarships/fellowships from UGC, ICSSR, ICHR, etc.

Our social science teaching fraternity is actively involved in research and publications and they continue to contribute and advise government and Non-governmental initiatives towards finding solutions to global problems.

I am confident in stating that the Faculty of Social Sciences promises a rich, exciting and challenging learning experience as well as a promising career path to students who wish to pursue academics in any of the offered disciplines and degree programs. I invite you to explore the possibilities of enjoying this truly unique and rewarding academic experience!